Our Mission & Vision

To enable the armed forces personnel and their families to effectively live a Christian Life in the global military environment of the 21st century.
To reach and involve armed forces personnel in a Cornelius style ministry. From the time they take the oath of service, throughout all deployments, until finally returning to continued fruitful service in their home church.

Our Core Values

The Ministry to the Military exists to establish and maintain CARING New Testament fellowships, under the auspices of the Church of God, in COOPERATION with the military chaplaincy, in order to REACH ALL PEOPLE for Christ and to TRAIN lay leaders for Christian service.  Our ministry should be evaluated, based upon our adherence to the following core values:


Expressing the love of Christ in practical ways – to others in our fellowship and community where God has called us to serve.


We seek to be a compliment to the ministry and services of our military communities. We especially desire to work along side of, instead of in competition with our military chaplains.  It is our hope we can be seen as an extension of the Command Religions Program where we are stationed.


Through evangelism – to reach the unsaved soldier, sailor, Marine, and airman: outreach – to reach those taken from their church who have not reconnected where they’re stationed; and discipleship – for those who have responded to our teaching.


All people; in the body of Christ there is no preference between race, rank, sex, marital or socio-economic status. Our fellowship should reflect the people and needs of our community.


We are an assembly line of recruiting, training and deploying workers for the Kingdom of God and His church around the world. Folks involved with our fellowship should learn to worship, serve and lead – whether in a military chapel, deployed to a war zone or involved in a local church.