Our Mission & Vision

To share the love of Christ in our community, enabling and disciplining them on sound biblical doctrine and principles that they may effectively live a Christian life. To reach all people for Christ, that they may know the truth and be set free to minister the word of God, at home with family and friends, in their communities, at work, or in any overseas locations as the Lord directs.


Our Core Values

Our objective is to establish and maintain New Testament fellowships, under the auspices of the Church of God, in order to reach all people for Christ and to train lay leaders for service and commitment.  We shall adhere to the following values:


Expressing to others the love of Christ in practical ways in our fellowship and community where God has called us to serve.  We are a hospital for those seeking spiritual healing and full recovery in Christ Jesus.



We seek to be a compliment to the ministry and services of our local faith alike communities. We desire to work alongside of, instead of in competition with our local ministries.  It is our hope we can be seen as an extension of the hands and feet of Christ to positively impact our community.



Through evangelism – to reach the unsaved: outreach – to reach those whom are away from the church and have not been able to reconnect; and discipleship – for those who have responded to our teaching.



In the body of Christ there is no preference between race, cultural ethnicity, sex, marital or socio-economic status. Our fellowship shall reflect the people and needs of our community.



We are an assembly line of people being crafted and prepared to work in the Kingdom of God and His church locally and around the world. Folks involved with our fellowship should learn to worship, serve and lead – whether in our local church, in a chapel, or anywhere around the world.